Club Memberships


If you are under 65 then you can join for a meagre £27 !

(includes a one-off £1 joining fee)

£17 of this goes directly to the central RBL funds

We have concessions for those over 65 and even over 80's!

HEY! thats less that 51 pence per week !!!

What you need to do first come into the club and get a new membership form compleat that and supply a small passport size photo of yourself. This will be displayed in the club untill the next committee meeting when you will be asked to come in and see the secretary. Whilst waiting you must join the Royal British Legion on line or by phone. When your membership card arrives you now present it to the club and we will place a club sticker on to it to confirm your club payment. You are now a member of the RBL and Fawley RBL Socal Club. 

Look at the great drink prices below, you'll get massive savings!!

  • Lagers - £3 !!
  • Real Ale - £3 !!
  • Bitters from - £2.85 !!
  • Cider - £3.05 !!
  • Guinness - £3.45 !!
  • House Doubles: (35mm shots X 2 ! ) only £2.80 !! (Gin/Whiskey/Rum/Vodka)
  • add a mixer for only 35p !

Membership equates to LESS than 51 pence/week !!!!

(you'll probably save that on only buying ONE drink versus pub prices!!???)

What are you waiting for, click the link below and come and see us today!


Join Our Club

Not already a member? For a small fee of less than 40 pence a week... YES 40P PER WEEK, you could become a member and receive some great benefits, including, great priced drinks, regular events to suit all ages and much much more. So what are you waiting for, JOIN TODAY!